Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yellow Dragon Fruit

While I was at the mini-market at Bornion Centre, a basket of yellowish fruit caught my attention. Well, it does look like dragon fruit (pitaya) but much smaller & 'uglier' ! I was told that it's indeed dragon fruit, this variety is rare but very sweet. Since it's rare so I supposed the price must be steep. I was right, these cost RM18/kg, I got myself 8 of these & they cost RM28.00 !

The girls find this strange looking fruit weird. When I cut one for CJ, she gave me that look that read " r you sure this can be eaten ?", however she tried it & wow she said it's very very sweet, so JF wanted it too after seeing her sister trying it ! I tried one myself, well it's indeed very sweet, the texture of the flesh is like persimmon & the seeds are bigger than the red skinned variety. The Yellow Dragon Fruit is indeed worth trying, I'm happy with it........

1 comment:

dailydelicious said...

It's look strange, I've never seen it before.
Wish I have a chance to try ^^.


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