Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bloomers Again !

A friend, Y, has expressed her interest in bread making today. I'm glad to have found a 'kaki' in bread making. I'm really into bread making, it's so fun watching those bread dough rise. Once you're into it, you can make the same dough into other flavour with different filling, it's so versatile ! I've baked 2 loaves of bloomers again, studded them with dried cranberries (over-studded in fact !) I love making bread with all kinds of dried fruits, they are so yummy, be it cranberries, apricots, figs, sultanas, the list just goes on........ The bloomers today is definitely better than the last time, practise does shape better loaves !

This is a piece of pandan swissroll we had for breakfast today. Pandan spomge made from pure pandan juice & the filling is made with pandan juice too, it's called pandan kaya, no eggs though but it does contain coconut milk, the texture is quite similar to lemon curd. It's actually my Pandan Layer Cake made into a swissroll.

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