Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cupcakes For JF !

JF requested that I bake another cake for her to bring to school to celebrate her birthday even though it was over. I though cupcakes would be a better idea for kids, she was happy with it so I went ahead to check with her teacher the number of kids in her class. There is 17 of them but some are not back from holiday. To be sure everyone has a cupcake, I let her bring 18 cupcakes to school today.
This is a vanilla cupcake with butter cream frosting. I baked the cupcakes in a party hat design cupcake case from Wilton, just nice for a kid's party. After a few attempts, I've come to understand the tactics of piping, thus doing it better now.


Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

pretty cupcakes!!
not onnly kids will love it! adults too! :D Always think that cupcakes R good for party !

zarpandit_gokche said...

hi :)
my name is gökçe :) ı'm from TURKEY :) ı like cupcake muffin cakeee :)) its candyyyyy :) and delicuous :)

you're very successful :)

ganache-ganache said...

thank you ladies !


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