Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vanilla Cupcakes

I have been trying few cupcakes recipes for vanilla cupcakes, which I'm going to bake for a wedding next month. Finally, after few attempts, I got the perfect cupcake which rises beautifully to a nice height, good texture, moist, not super oily & sweet !
I still need to practice on my piping skills though......


Rei said...

This looks good. I still haven't figured how to get a flat top. Mine always ended up 'dome shaped'.

ganache-ganache said...

Yes, I've tried so many recipes before I can the perfect one, imagine how many cupcakes the guinea pigs at home have eaten, hahaha !!

Anonymous said...

hi there.. ;)
do u mind sharing ur cupcake recipe here?? thanks ;)


ganache-ganache said...

Hi Anne,
please give me your email address,

Anonymous said...

You are such a great baker!!! I am trying to make cupcake for my girl's birthday party at school but with tons of 'experiment' I still can't get a decent cupcake. Do you mind sharing your cupcake recipe, please.


ganache-ganache said...

KitchenLover :

Hi, can you give me your email address ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorrine,

Thank you for sharing. My e-mail is


Anonymous said...

Hi, your cupcakes looks so beatiful. Do you mind sharing your recipe? I will be making for my good friend's wedding cake and cupcakes as a present to her.

My email

Thank you and looking forward to try your recipe soon.

Shih ruh

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorrine,
Just came across your cupcake post. Looks lovely! Mine always turn out dome shaped and cracked on top.

May I trouble you to share your recipe with me? I was going to make some banana muffins for my hubby's birthday but your cupcakes will look a lot prettier.

Thanks so much :-)


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