Sunday, August 24, 2008

Black Sesame Buns

I've always like black sesame, in sesame sweet soup, chiffon cake & bread as well. As sesame contains its own natural oil, these buns keep well, still moist even after 2 days ! These buns are made with organic black sesame powder & I've added some toasted black sesame seeds from Japan. I've tried using black sesame seeds from China but found that they are not as aromatic as the Japanese ones.
I used to make my buns in muffin cups because I'm not good in shaping buns. Even though the buns are pretty in muffin cups, I find it a waste to be throwing away the cups all the time. After few attempts of shaping our buns, I'm better in rounding up those dough balls now & I'm happy that I've done a better job now.....

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