Monday, August 25, 2008

Jana Faith is 6 Years Old Today !

We had dinner at Kung last Saturday to celebrate JF's birthday ! There were 12 of us but 7 are kids so you can imagine how 'noisy' the gathering was.....
She had a blackforest cake for her birthday. Instead of the usual 2 layer filling, I only filled the cake with 1 layer of whipped double cream & pitted dark cherries, the sponge was brushed with some kirsch infused cherry syrup before frosting.

It's no longer colouring books & crayons that keep the kids occupied while the adults are enjoying themselves over food & drinks. They had their Nintendo DS with them. CJ got one from my sister on her BD this year & my friends' kids each had their own one so poor JF is the only one who doesn't have a DS, so after a phone call back home, I got my sister to get her one DS too, what a generous 'yee yee' she has !!!

The kids had chicken & beef bulgogi to share among them. We had a feast of meat, meat & more meat. The restaurant served a marinated pan fried rib dish which was very tasty, priced at RM30/portion (400g). They also serve a belly pork lookalike braised pork dish served with cucumber & onion salad, hubby loves the salad, it's also priced at RM30/portion. Since I don't take fatty meat, I got to remove any fatty part before eating, the flavour was good, I think I could taste mirin/sake in it. We also had shabu-shabu with beef slices, this was really good, paper thin beef slices, no fat, with lots of vegetables ! I have totally forgotten to snap pictures of the food while eating, guess I'm not quite a blogger yet !! Found few pictures that my friend has taken of the food in my camera but not a single one on those wonderful meats, haha......

We had a great time, the kids had a even greater time, playing the DS whole night without mummy nagging but that's not good, 4-5 hours of continuous play, I could see that their eyes were tired by the time we left past midnight.

I planned a nice lunch today but engaged in some matters so didn't have time to cook. JF was ok that I cook for her tomorrow instead & her 2nd cake with the lunch.

* Kung is open daily from 5pm - 2am, contact number 016 5881429.


Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

wow, ur cute notty lil daughter has an very unique name ooo ..
oh, she's JF ! ahha, I can tell she is very active!!! twice Met her, Twice she gave me an impression of very hyper + talkative ! AHhahahah ;D

youngest one more shy? how old is the other 1 ? I have a little newphew at 4 this year

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

aisk, is JF the one with little flower on head? hahahaha

ganache-ganache said...

oh, JF is the one in white dress, the one with the flower clip & blue dress is CJ(Charis Joy) & she's 8 yrs old

Precious Pea said...

It's always the 'yee yee' aka aunty that spoils the niece/nephew. Am doing the same thing with my nephew and that is why he always say that I AM THE BEST!

bryan said...

Man your two kids are so gosh darned cute!


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