Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Prawn Wonton Noodle Soup

The lunch we had this afternoon was too heavy. I wasn't really hungry at dinner time but hungry or not, I won't skip any of my 3 meals or else my gastric is going to give me a hard time later at night !
The stock of this noodle was made last Saturday with the chicken bones that I got from the market, after straining it was kept in the refrigertor until today. I've added some prawn shells to the stock to further flavour the stock.
The wonton was made with 1/2 kg prawns, shelled, deveined & chopped, 1 sprig each of chopped spring onion & Chinese celery, seasoned with some salt, sugar, pepper, ginger juice, sesame oil, Shao Tsing wine, corn flour to bind, stir the mixture in 1 direction until sticky. With this mixture, I managed to make 30 wontons. I've always like bowls of noodle soup, anytime, so tomorrow's lunch for hubby & I will be this as well, saves the hassle of cooking, since the girls will be off to school tomorrow.

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