Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cupcakes For Heidi

These cupcakes were baked for Heidi's 13th birthday.

Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream. She loves flowers, so I made some with sugar paste as decorations for these cupcakes.

2 Tier Ice-cream Cake

Once again, Sophia had an ice-cream cake for her birthday party last Saturday.

Last year, she also had one, a chocolate flavour.

This year, I made her a strawberry ice-cream cake, sandwiched between 2 layers of chocolate sponge, a whopping 7 kg. My freezer couldn't fit, so I made it into 2 tiers. She likes dinosaur a lot, so a cute T-Rex was placed on top of the cake, with some cupcakes placed on the cake board.

Octavia's 1st Birthday

This 2-tier cake was baked for Octavia's 1st birthday last week.

Both tiers were rich chocolate cake, covered with sugar paste.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Treasure Hunt Cake

Justin is such a lucky boy.

Last year, he had a MM clubhouse theme party & cake.

This year, Y decided to do a treasure hunt theme party. Once again, I had the pleasure to bake his cake. This is a ice-cream cake. There's even little treasure hidden in it, wonder who was the lucky kid to get it.

Besides the cake, there's also cupcakes for the party. No. 6 for Justin's age & the 'X' marked the treasure. It was a pity we couldn't be there as on the same day we flew off to attend another party. I heard the kids had lots of fun !

October Random Cakes

What a happy family ! This is baked for S who just had a baby boy. She wanted a cake with an image of daddy, mummy, little girl & baby boy.

A train cake for baby Jedidiah. This is slightly different from my usual train cake as this has an extra boxcar, with logs on it.

When a dog loves a cat. Darryl already has a dog at home & he just got a new puppy. So he wanted both cat & dog to be on his birthday cake ! He had this at his school party.

Another cake for Darryl, with his family members over dinner on the same day.

Fondant Birthday Cupcakes

These cupcakes were baked for J's dad, over a month ago.

October Celebration

Oh Gosh, I can't believe I've been missing my blog for over a month.

Time not just flies, it 'rockets' past me. I wish I could have more time, more extra time, so I could organise my schedule to do things that I really want to do : facial, massage....

I always look forward to October, which many birthdays fall in & I could share the joy with others.
I had a rather 'fun' birthday this year. For the past few years, it was always hubby, myself & the girls. This year, my Korean friends found out about my birthday & took me out for lunch. I really appreciated their thoughtfulness.
On another day, a week after my birthday, we had a gathering at a friend's house. A called me a day before the gathering to order a cake to bring over to the friend's house. I baked & brought the cake over, without realising anything. Half-way through the gathering, the cake was brought out by the host with the singing of birthday song. Everyone was looking around, not knowing who's birthday was it, including me. As they walked closer to me, I realised that it was for me !!! I was really caught by surprise & that made me feel like a little school girl. I was so touched by them, A, F & P. Thank you, my dear friends.

JF made me a card, with mummy sitting on our dining chair (am looking forward to it, very very soon ), with a 5-tier cake. I especially liked the chandelier hanging overhead !


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