Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Morning

At 8.30am this morning, hubby suddenly suggested that we have breakfast at home. Huh.... I don't cook on Sundays & there isn't any bread in the bread bin & there was no bacon or sausages in the freezer. Not wanting to disappoint him, I said ok, so I started to go through the freezer & pantry. Well there's canned button mushrooms, baked beans, eggs, onion & from the freezer, we have ham, cheddar cheese & oh there's still 2 sausages ! No bread in the freezer, so hubby set off to the nearest bakery to get a loaf of bread (have not been buying commercial bread for ages, didn't know half a loaf cots RM 3!)
Guess we have the basic ingredients on hand, open the baked beans heat it up, one dish done. I sliced 2 onions, a can of button mushroom, the sausages & chopped some ham. Melt a knob of butter with some olive oil in a large saucepan, cook onion till lightly brown, add chopped ham, sausages & the button mushroom, cook for about 10 mins, season with lemon pepper. Next on the list is cheesy scrambled egg, break 5 eggs into a bowl, with 5 Tbsp of milk, add grated cheddar cheese, salt & pepper, whisk with a fork until well combined. Heat a large saucepan, melt butter, pour the egg into the pan & cook over low heat, stirring continuously until scrambled egg is done.
This is nothing fancy or healthy, just a quick Sunday breakfast, most important is that we enjoyed ourselves, just the 4 of us.......

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