Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Honey Spare Ribs

Saw a slab of rather lean & small spareribs while doing marketing last Saturday, so I bought half slab, which came up to 1/2kg, just nice for 4 of us for a meal with rice.
I usually buy the whole slab & roast it "Tony Romas' style but not this time, not in the mood of roasting today......
Found a honey spare ribs recipe tucked in my of my older recipe books which is handwritten, I don't remember where I copied it from, since the recipe don't require much preparation, I cooked them for dinner today.

Ingredients :

1 kg spare ribs
8 cloves garlic, crushed
2 Tbsp dark soya sauce
3 cups chicken stock

3 Tbsp honey

Blanch spare ribs with boiling water, place them into a pot with the crushed garlic, dark soya sauce, & chicken stock, bring to boil , turn down heat & simmer for 45 mins or until tender.

Remove ribs from the pot, pat dry with a kitchen towel, set the gravy aside.
Deep fry ribs till golden brown, drain.

Return the gravy to a pan, add the honey & bring to boil until slightly thickened. Add the ribs & coat evenly with the sauce.

*I halved the recipe since I've got only 1/2 kg of spare ribs, this is enough for 1 meal, 2 adults 2 kids. I didn't reduce the garlic, used 8 cloves too & I also added some minced ginger !

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Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

thanks for passing by my blog and leaving encouraging words..i love your blog and my hubby will love this post on spare ribs..when i will tell him about the recipe...


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