Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yam Cake

I noticed yam is very popular here in KK, probably due to the Hakka culture, the locals simply love yam, in deep fried yam nest, stewed pork with yam, steamed savoury yam cake. I fancy the yam paste with ginko nut a lot but try to stay clear of it now, due to health consciousness, the rich coconut milk & the yam that has been fried in lard in tradional Teochew restautant, this is my sister's favourite dessert, we ordered this in Thai Village restaurant in Singapore in May but couldn't even finish a small bowl each, how our appetite has shrunk !

Yam cake is another popular cake among my customers, few of them are real fans of yam o yam. The cake consists of 3 layers of vanilla spomge & with 2 layers of blended yam filling. I blend the yam to a smooth paste with some double cream & icing sugar. The real yam is a slight greyish colour or sometimes a darker hue, never bright purple like those you find in bakeries, I don't tint my yam so don't be alarmed if you find it pale, ha ha.......... again the cake is covered with yummy whipped double cream !
Kim ordered this cake for a lady friend so I added some sugar flowers on it & leave it simple with just the message & piped border, no purple cream. She also ordered the chocolate cake for another male friend, so instead of flowers, I've used gold, green & blue cachous to decorate the cake. I've been hooked on piping little dots on the outside of the cake, they do add some elegance to it, don't they ?

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Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

hey! sluRrp!
where are the rest of the 5 cakes? haha, u said 7 cakes, 50 cupcakes ;p


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