Monday, July 7, 2008

Durian Swissroll

I was up at 8.30am yesterday, which is considered very late for me cos' I'm an early riser, usually 4.45am when I go for my morning run, Sundays are usually around 7am ! After breakfast & running some errands I started my baking, had a few orders yesterday so was hustling around the kitchen till 5pm, it was only after that then I have the time to go to Giant pick up the usual stuff like milk, yoghurt, cheese slices for my girls then dinner........

I had few friends asking about durian few weeks ago, waited till yesterday that I managed to get hold of them from my usual supplier, managed to 'dismantle' them & blend them into the yummy filling for my swiss rolls as I have an order for 4 rolls today. The filling is made from pure durian flesh blended with whipped double cream, no flavour & the roll is 9" in length.
I managed to take a photo of a swiss roll & the cross-section of it, pardon me cos' I'm not a good photographer ....................


Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

hey!!!!! looks GOOD!!!!!
how much per roll ?
Everytime it's hard for me togo Australia park 's bakery and buy that. Dad will start grumbling at me

ganache-ganache said...

It's at RM28/roll, I'll be making durian puffs too tomorrow, will post it once I'm done with those goodies


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