Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vongole !

There are times when I'm so desperate for clams that I went searching through supermarkets for the canned variation. Even higher-end supermarkets like Tong Hing & Merderka don't carry clams in a can, I've tried a local brand of clams in brine but that tasted awful, just clams in some very salty water, definitely not clam juice ! The only brand that I've tried in KK is Snows that Lintas Superstore carried some time ago, their minced clams in juice is fantastic, so full of clam juice with that sweetness, I've used it many times to make my favourite Manhattan Clam Chowder, I'll happy to have just bread & the chowder the whole day, nothing else !

So when my friend called me this morning that she bought for me a bag of clams weighing at 1.3kg, I was so happy & surprised cos' I've basically given up hope searching for clams whenever I have cravings for linguine vongole or clam chowder. I've tried searching for these beauties at the KK fish market & have even went all the way to the Donggongon 'Tamu" on Thursdays to look for them, well I've been lucky once at Donggongon ! I'm not sure about the varieties of clams available but these that my friend got for me look clean & pretty & there isn't much grit in the big bowl that I soaked the clams too ! I've place these in the fridge, they're going to be my lunch tomorrow, can't wait..........

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