Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lao Shu Fen With Braised Minced Meat

After our morning run, we went for breakfast at the famous Kampung Air wantan noodle stall. Just as we were leaving, I saw that the opposite stall has a picture of Lao Shu Fen with minced meat. I started to recall that when I was a kid, I always had this in soup version with fishball, my siblings & I grew up with this ! Since my girls have never try Lao Shu Fen, I decided it will be our dinner tonight. Went to the mini market near my house to get a packet of Lao Shu Fen, I find it hilarius that the manufacturer call it jelly !

Ingredients :

1 packet Lao Shu Fen
200g minced meat
Ginger, garlic & shallots, finely chopped
4 dried mushrooms, soaked & sliced, liquid reserved
Soya sauce
Sesame oil
Hua Tiao wine
Chicken stock or water
Vegetarian black bean sauce *

1. Heat a pan with oil, cook the ginger, garlic & shallots till fragrant, add minced meat, followed by sliced mushrooms. Add chicken stock, soya sauce, pepper, sesame oil, Hua Tiao wine, sugar & the vegetarian black bean sauce to taste. Bring to boil & let simmer for about 20 mins, thicken with cornflour mixture. Blanch the Lao Shu Fen in boiling water to remove the excess oil, place in individual bowl, topped with blanched beansprouts. Pour sauce over the Lao Shu Fen, sprinkle with fried shallots & spring onion before serving.

* I've used this vegetarian black bean sauce that I got from vegetarian supplies shop for many years. Oyster sauce can be used as a substitute even though I don't use it in my cooking, find it too salty & I don't use MSG.

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