Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birthday Cake For The July Stingrays

Kim had this cake made for the "July Stingrays" ! My girls were giggling when they saw the wordings, especially JF, "stingrays ! she said ", made her wonder who they are, heehee I don't know, think it's fun to have a group birthday celebration with a customized cake !
This is a 2.5kg cotton cheesecake. She only called me at noon time yesterday & wated the cake in the evening.I was out running errands. Remembering that I do have have enough cream cheese for this cake, I rushed to the baking supply shop & grab some, by the time this cake went into the oven, it's 2pm & it was done in 1hr45mins. After cooling the cake down & doing the wordings & simple deco, it was ready to go at 6.30pm. I'm glad that after almost 2 years of baking, I can manage my time better, skills & speed improve too (heehee). Before this, I used to panick when there's a last minute order, guess practice does make 'almost' perfect cakes.......

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