Saturday, July 26, 2008

Passion Fruits !!!

A Taiwanese friend called me this morning to ask me if I want passion fruits, my first response was to ask her if she's in Taiwan or KK ? Why do I ask, because I've never seen passion fruits here ( forgive me if I'm ignorant ! ) in KK. I've always love the aroma of passion fruits so anything in the supermarkets that has the word passion fruit on it will always catch my attention, be it candies, preserves, juices.......
I've only seen a dark purplish skinned type of passion fruit but never a yellow passion fruit & only found out today that it's called lilikoi. I must have about 25 of them & they only cost RM5.00 ! When my friend gave them to me, I was like are you sure these are passion fruits ? Well, when I smell them, there's indeed that special aroma, to prove it, I cut one fruit, oh yes, it's really it, I was like a little girl jumping for joy ! The taste is sourish first then sweet, I let both my girls taste the fruit & glad they liked it. The basket of passion fruits are sitting at a corner in my kitchen now, still thinking what am I going to make from these ............

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