Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Double Boil Chicken Soup

Dried mushrooms, dried scallops, jing hua ham(金华火腿), ginger,
hua jiao(花膠)
1 kanpung chicken, blanched & cleaned
All ingredients in the soup pot, ready to be double boiled
The end result, after 7 hrs of double boiling

After my morning run at 6am this morning at Tun Fuad Park, I looked up to the sky, how dark it was, expected today to be a raining day. I was right, it started raining at about 8am. What a cool day today, so I decided to make double boil chicken soup with rice for dinner tonight. All thanks to the weather, the usual hot & humid weather make me tiring & not in the mood to cook us a nice meal ! After going though my deep freezer, I had all the ingredients I want, 1 kampung chicken, dried mushrooms, dried scallops, a 2" pc of jin hua ham & about 9pcs of hua jiao. My mum gave me a few packets of jin hua ham, each packet the size of a slab of butter, so I cut them into 2" pcs & freeze them individually for each use. The hua jiao I don't know how big a pc is because when my mum gave them to me, they were aready cut up into small pcs, I guess she had the dried seafood supplier to cut them into pcs.

After blanching & rinsing the chicken pcs, I put all the ingredients into a soup pot that fits just nice into my slow cooker, with a big chunk of ginger, love that gingery taste in my Chinese style cooking. I can never double boil my stuff over the gas stove, the water in the outer pot dry out very quickly & I'm one big blur 'sotong', almost burnt a pot few weeks ago !

I turn the cooker to high heat at 9am & double boil the chicken soup for 7 hrs, turning the power off at 4pm, the soup is so flavourful just a pinch of salt is all it need !


Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

oh u mean u double boil this soup in a 'slow cooker" is it ? ha! next time I can try this method!
and then ar...here KK impossible to get jin Hua Huo Tui la.....unless we smuggle somewhere? ahaha

ganache-ganache said...

Yes I did ! Being such a sotong don't want my precious soup to get dried up....... I've never seen Jin Hua Huo Tui here in KK, that's why I smuggle in lor.......


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