Monday, July 21, 2008

Hokkaido Milk Loaf (北海道牛奶土司)

These loaves are baked today, at 3pm

The texture of the bread, so soft I was pulling it like shreds of cotton wool !

These loaves were baked yesterday afternoon

We had Hokkaido milk loaf (北海道牛奶土司)for breakfast this morning & as we couldn't get enough of these wonderful loaves, I baked some again this afternoon for tomorrow's breakfast ! I found this wonderful bread recipe in a Taiwanese blog quite some time ago & fell in love with this tang zhong (汤种) bread. The characteristic of this method of making bread yields soft & cottony bread, no softener is used. The original recipe is in Mandarin, such a long recipe to type in hanyu pinyin so here's the link to the recipe !

I'm seriously not good in shaping my loaves, I made double recipe yesterday, we had 2 loaves, the other loaf I gave it to a friend. Today it's only 1.5x recipe but I made them into smaller loaves in 1 pan, still not very happy with the shapes !

Hubby & the girls like to have the bread with butter & preserves but I prefer it plain, with a cup of coffee for my breakfast...........

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