Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wedding Cupcakes

While I was uploading the pictures of the cupcakes, I realized that this is my 100th post !!

I have the pleasure of baking a total of 470 cupcakes for Jeri, who got married on September 11. This is a memorable day, my Dad's birthday falls on the same day too.

After a weekend of baking cream cakes, I spent another day with my helper, Tina, weighing & sifting flour & icing sugar in preparation of baking the cupcakes. After weighing & sifting, we packed few batches of cupcake portion into a bag & put it aside. I find sifting icing sugar tough, so I've used Nigella's method, whiz it with a food processor, it was indeed very fast & convenient, you get lump-free icing sugar in seconds ! My girls were amazed by the number of eggs I have in the kitchen too.......

I spent 2 days baking & frosting the cupcakes. I think it's all about organizing your time. Hubby had been very kind, sending & fetching the girls to & fro from school that 2 days I was baking. I didn't cook, just packed lunch for the girls in the morning. Hubby bought lunch for me both days & dinner we just ate out after the girls went to bed on the 1st night, . I was so busy baking that I didn't have time to prepare the girls' dinner, so I have to feed them with cereal one night !!

It was indeed tiring but a challenge for me too, I'm now in my Ganache's world record !! hahaha
It was DOM that kept me going, not Dom Perignon, but the DOM that we used to take during confinement ! Until these days, I still take it occasionally, it really keeps me going.

Oh, the cupcakes are vanilla cupcakes piped with buttercream & sprinkled with tiny silver cachous.


Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

I KNEW u must be bz with ur 500 cupC. hahahah! Congratulations wor!!! how many dozen of eggs u used? U sld take the pic of 'egg shells"! haha

wah, need to pipe 470 cupC ah, ur arms 'cramp' or not! hahahahah

ganache-ganache said...

Close to 4 trays, 120 eggs ! ya my rubbish bin filled with lots & lots of egg shells. Heehee I'm lucky to have a hubby to help me with piping !!!

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

wah! so good wor ur hub!

Jeri said...

The cupcakes tasted great ! :) Thanks again Lorrine


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