Friday, September 12, 2008

Cream Cakes

Vanilla Cake

Mango Cake

Yam Cake

I have been into a baking frenzy since last Friday. Besides these cream cakes, I was also making swissrolls & lots of cheese & cranberry buns. I had a call from E last Friday night for an order of a 2kg vanilla cake. So I paired my vanilla sponge with layers of vanilla flavoured whipped cream. It was a perfect combination, so spongy & light ! All thanks to E, I had a few new orders for the same cake.

The mango cake was made for a 1 year old girl, it's a 1.5kg. Her mum requested for the cake to be filled with just 1 layer of mango & whipped cream so I made it bigger for her, a 10" cake.

The yam cake was also ordered by E, it's a 2kg cake. I was lucky this time, the yam that I got from the market was so moist & yummy , they must have been just harvested !

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