Friday, September 12, 2008

My Kitchen Aid & Its Lookalike !

My Precious KA

It's China made counterpart

Look at the size difference !

I've always dream of a Kitchen Aid mixer since I started baking for fun few years ago ! Each time I watch Nigella on TV using her KA, I'll be thinking when am I going to have my own ??
Hubby must have know that I'm desperate for one, he got me my KA 2 years ago. We got it from Singapore & brought it all the way back to KK, a 15kg gadget ! I got myself a food grinder attachment too, have only used once to mince meat. It was fun but was a hassle clearing up so I gave up, it's now hiding somewhere in my cabinet.

Ever since I started my little bakery, I found that it was too much of a strain for my KA so I started looking around for an alternative. Some time last year at a trade fair, I saw this company, Sin Yuan Machinery, diplaying their Orimas brand of mixers but they are all too heavy to be on a countertop. Coincidently, they are bringing in another batch of mixers which are more suitable for home use. After a month of anticipating, I got a call from them that the mixers have arrived !

Hubby & I went to their shop at Kolombong. The moment we saw the mixer, we were looking at each other thinking OMG, this is a KA imitation ! Well, for a 8L capacity mixer with 2 bowls, it's really a good buy, so we bought it without second thoughts ! I would say you pay for what you get, the bowls are very rough made & I've got cut by the sharp edges several time, the one downside is that the warranty period is only 3 months, thats China made quality ! Right after the warranty period is over, the mixer refused to move, I got to bring it back to the shop for greasing but I refused to pay for it & got away with it !
I would say this mixer is useful for my daily baking but the performance is not that good. I've been using it for almost a year, sometimes it will stop by itself, give it a twist & turn, it'll work again. Nevertheless, this mixer has helped me cope with many cake orders. Oh something good about it, the capacity enables me to knead bread dough up to 1kg of flour whereas my KA only allows 400g as the capacity is only 5 Quart !

I think this mixer is working more than my KA now. Frankly, I don't know how long this mixer is going to last so I better make full use of it. So the pretty KA just sits at a corner in my kitchen, whipping cream & occasionally whipping up a batch of cupcake batter......


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

i've been wanting a KA too bc it's all over the mags n tv. but its capacity is really too small. for this reason, i think i'll still buy kenwood when my 21-yr old machine conks. in that period, my kenwood major has only needed 2 servicing. amazing machine.

hey, do u make agar moocakes?? i love those, wonder where i can order them. used to get them as gifts frm a lady who used to rent our shoplot.

ganache-ganache said...

Tats why KA more for display, too 'lady' to do heavy chores, haha ! wow, yr kenwood is amazing !

oh, mooncakes, almost forgotten the festival is here, am afraid I don't know how to make them. ya, agree these are good, so much lighter then the conventional type !

Anonymous said...

Hi Loraine,
Oh u r so sweet, thank for the pics and comparison. May GOD bless you darling! There is now an anniversary offer going on at Mayer Singapore, the kitchenaid mixer now cost $799 or was it $779 and it comes with an extra bowl. Btw u may want to check the beaterblade that i recommended a blogger. This beaterbalde is made for kitchenaid mixer. It scrapes the sides of the bowl as you mix the ingredients so u dont have to stop the machine and scrape manually. This is the website You may go to youtube to watch the demo also. Regards - mima

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

How much is the Orimas ah? I'm thinking to invest in one..but not too expensive 1st.. since i m not pro here

ganache-ganache said...

Mima : Thanks for letting me know that KA has such a great attachment, will check it out at youtube !

Denise : The mixer cost me RM 1000. It may be too big for you if you don't bake daily like me, it weighs 20kg, juz FYI.

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

okay..but if let say for me, which one u recommend ah? any another brand???


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