Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Sweet Birthday For Joey

A 2.5kg chocolate cake

Mini fruit tarts with kiwi

Mini fruit tarts with grapes

Mini fruit tarts with dragon fruits

Mini fruit tarts with mango

Mini banana cupcakes

Mini chocolate cupcakes

I have been asked to bake a cake for Joey's 16th birthday today. Beside this, her mum has also asked me to make desserts for her party of 50 guests tonight. Everything was made into mini-size, a total of 300 pcs. There's a total of 100 pcs of mini fruit tarts, filled with home-made pastry cream & topped with fresh fruits. There's also honey sponge cakes & mini durian puffs. Besides durian, I've filled some of the puffs with chocolate ganache too. There's a mixture of mini chocolate & banana cupcakes too.

All these desserts will be for Joey's party tonight. Hope she'll have a really sweet birthday celebration.


Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

no wonder u say bake like mad lah! hahahaha , but good money wor!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

wow u superwoman! well done, everything looks yummy :)

SIG said...

Wow, love all your mini tarts. :)

bryan said...

You can still make durian puffs?! I want!

ganache-ganache said...

Denise, Terri, SIG : thank you ladies, it was fun to make the mini tarts, hubby & the girls helped in the process, it was a family affair !!

Anonymous said...

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