Thursday, September 4, 2008

Green Tea Cake

I'm a great fan of green tea, I fancy most goodies made with green tea, especially ice-cream & cakes but not mousse though. I've never fancy mousse because it's usually whipped separated raw eggs with some sugar.
I find that green tea cake is not that popular here in KK, usually only the ladies fancy it, maybe due to the slight bitter aftertaste that it leaves. Green tea cake has been in my list of cakes more than a year ago, I do have a group of green tea fans.
The sponge is flavoured with just green tea powder, no colouring has been used. As usual it's filled with 2 layers of whipped dairy cream, it's also studded with sweetened adzuki red beans & the top layer of whipped cream has a dash of green tea powder added to it.
This cake is for 1kg but oops, I've made the sponge too high today, It's a +/-1.3kg !
Maggie just collected the cake an hour ago, it's a surprise for her colleague tomorrow, how sweet.....


Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

ha this is good! I think my aunty will like it. ( too bad I dont like green tea leh)

wei, u have list of cakes that u're selling out?? send me see see eh.. see if..anything i like? haha


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

this is truly beautiful; can feel my teeth sinking in. i love green tea cakes n stuff too. u mentioned u use dairy cream--how do u get it so light n stay stiff?? most cake whips r non-dairy bc they stay stiff well.also, any thots on kenwood vs kitchenaid?? i find KA bowls very much smaller. thanks!

ganache-ganache said...

Besides chilling the bowl, I whipped the dairy cream at high speed till they are really stiff & they really need to be refrigerated at all times. I only whip the cream with icing sugar, nothing else, can't make myself use non-dairy whip, they are so sweet & fake ! I've not used a Kenwood but I heard the body is plastic, I like KA bcos it's stainless steel & sturdy, brought it back all the way from Sin. I agree the bowl is too small, good for small amount & light duty, kneading bread dough with over 500g of flour is no no, the engine gets too hot ! I got a commercial KA look-alike from Orimas for daily use as I make bread every day.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

oh, i use kenwood's major which has a major stainless steel bowl. thanks 4 tip on whipping dairy cream. i don't like the fake taste of veg-oil whipping cream too.

i think denise's request for an order list of cakes would be good on ur blog, so we can make orders on line?

ganache-ganache said...

u mean to make the list visible on my blog ? Oh yes, Denise & Bryan found me on blogspot, heehee

Anonymous said...

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