Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Banana Yeast Bread

I've been searching for a yeast bread recipe with bananas for a long time but couldn't find one. The banana bread recipes we get on the net are all buttery banana cake.

Finally, after some time, I found a banana yeast bread recipe from a China web page. I usually copied a recipe that I found on the net, try it out & will only print it our if it's good. I did the same thing for this recipe but couldn't find it again after trying it. It was really good, so chewy & full of banana flavour. One thing I don't quite understand is I think banana may hinder in the rising of the dough because the dough don't rise as much as other bread dough without bananas, maybe that's why I couldn't find any banana yeast bread recipes !

The recipe as follows :

This is a water-roux paste method (汤种)

Water-roux paste
Ingredients :

45g Milk
30g Water
18g High protein flour

Mix all ingredients together in a saucepan, cool over low heat until a thich paste forms. remove from heat & let cool.

Ingredients :

600g High protein flour
85g Sugar
9g Salt
18g Milk powder
60g Milk
78g Cold Water
180g Mashed banana
72g Water-roux paste
9g Instant yeast
60g Butter

Combine all ingredients, except butter in a mixer bowl, fitted with a dough hook, until well blended. Add butter & continue mixing until dough is smooth & elastic. Let rise in a warm place for an hr. Punch the dough down & divide into 55g portions, let rise again until dough is double in size. bake at preheated oven of 180C for 14 mins.

* The original recipe calls for 1kg of flour, which I think is too much for us. Since I only have 4 over-ripe banana with me which weighs 180g, so I scaled the recipe according to the weight of the bananas. This portion yields 20 buns & I've used salted butter today so I left out the salt.
By the time I'm typing this, half of the buns are gone, they are so doughy & chewy ! I know hubby likes these buns, will make it a point to make them once a week !

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