Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Lunch

I woke up feeling very 'hardworking' this morning & sure I did........

Home from my weekly marketing :

1. cutting & sorting out the meats to go into the deep freezer
2. marinated/deep fried a batch of pork ribs & freeze them for cooking next time
3. stewed a piece of beef shin, let it cool & into the refrigerator for Monday's lunch
4. boiled some barley drink
5. went out to get my organic greens for next week & did some grocery shopping

By the time I finished all the above, it was only 10am. So I thought I could handle more tasks. Last week JF told me we haven't had home-made pizza for a long time. Sick of buying chicken rice for lunch on Saturday, I decided that we could have pizza for lunch today.

I started making the pizza dough when I got home. While my mixer was kneading the dough, I got all the topping ready. I've got tomato sauce, pepperoni, prawns & mozzarella cheese in the freezer, canned pineapples & ham in the chiller.

I know I won't be using the more than half can of pinaepples I have in the chiller. While waiting for the pizza dough to rise, I made a batch of ham, pineapple & cheese pizza scrolls which uses the similar ingredients.

Everyone of us enjoyed the pizza we had for lunch this afternoon & I even threw in desserts ! It was the strawberry tartlets I made yesterday.

After a morning of 'hardwork', I'm going to enjoy my afternoon nap now (haven't had time for naps for along time !) zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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