Friday, April 24, 2009

Strawberry Tartlets

I've been saving the last punnet of Korean strawberry that I brought back from Singapore for these tartlets. These strawberries really last for along time, at least 10 days in my chiller ! Strawberries that I get from TH never last more than a week, they get mouldy & mushy !

While waiting for my ice-cream cakes to firm up in the freezer, I decided that I should start on my tartlets, I need DESSERTS !!!!

Crust Ingredients :
100g Butter
50g Icing sugar
1/4 tsp Pure vanilla

1 Egg Yolk

210g Plain flour
1/2 T Milk powder

Cream A lightly & add in B. Cream until smooth. Add in C & mix till well blended.
Let chill for 30 mins before using the dough.
Divide dough into 10 pcs of 40g each. Press each dough ball into a 3 " tart mould. Bake in a preheated oven of 180C for 18-20mins. Remove tart shells from moulds & let cool on wire rack.

Cream Patisserie
Ingredients :

250ml Milk
3 Egg yolks
5g Corn flour
60g Caster sugar
20g Plain flour
1 T Rum

In a saucepan, cook milk, egg yolks, cornflour, caster sugar & plain flour over low heat, stirring constantly. Remove from heat when the mixture thickens, stir in rum. If mixture is lumpy, press through a sieve till smooth, into a bowl. Cover the bowl & let the mixture cool.

When the cream patisserie is cooled, put it into a piping bag & pipe onto the tart shells.
Place sliced strawberries on top of the cream patisserie & refrigerate.

* I omitted the rum & add a dash of pure vanilla instead. This portion of cream patisserie is only enough for 7 tartlets so I froze the remaining 3 tart shells for next time. I did a lousy job in arranging the strawberry slices onto the cream patisserie. Nevertheless the good taste was able to make up for my incapability of arranging the strawberry slices !


Jenny Tan said...

Fruit tarts w/ pastry cream are my favorite. I remember when in school back then, I always save my pocket $ to go to Delifrance for their fruit tarts! I made 'em for my birthday this year! :) I think the slice strawberries are pretty! Look like blossoms of flowers! Maybe next time, you could save some smaller strawberries as a whole for the center?! ;)

Anonymous said...

oh my, so much strawberries! send me some!!everything u bake is excellent!


ganache-ganache said...

Jenny : Oh I used to like Delifrance's tarts too but not anymore they r so sweet especially the glaze on top, which I dislike a lot ! Yup the next time I get hold of sweet strawberries, (maybe next Spring Korean berries again haha, KK strawberries suck !!)will save the smaller ones for the centre :)

Terri : haha all gone at lunch today !!

Anonymous said...

Wow..I love your strawberries!

ganache-ganache said...

Anon : Thanks, am glad you liked them !


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