Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Basic Fondant Cake Decoration

After a busy day at the school bazaar last Saturday, I didn't have the chance to wake up late on Sunday ! I was up at 6.30am , much earlier than my usual 8am on Sundays. Why ???
Because I was scheduled to attend the first cake decoration in my life & I was rather excited about it.

After breakfast, we ( yes we, D & I) sent the girls off to a friend's house, & later in the day another friend had to fetch them to a birthday party at Rasa Ria Resort, what a busy day for all of us ! We had to rush to Alamesra, where the class was, before 9am. The class was conducted by Yasmin of Baking Project, from KL.

In this class, we learnt to make swags, frills & ribbons, as well as rose from scratch, without the help of any gadgets. Besides these, she also taught about covering the cake with fondant.

After 2 attempts with fondant covered cakes, we're rather confident with rolling, covering & trimming the fondant. I've got quite a few cake decoration books that show different ways to play around with fondant. But looking at a book is different from real hands-on practice, so after knowing that Yasmin is coming to KK, I persuaded D to attend the class with me. How did I do it ? Well, I paid for the course for both of us !!

Yasmin was kind enough to provide lunch for us (or was it in the class fee ?). Nothing great, just a packet of greasy fried bee-hoon from a nearby coffeeshop. While we were heading home, we passed by another shop in Alamesra that sells 'yong tau foo', so being gluttony, we went in for another round of lunch.

Our dummy cake, covered in fondant. I think D did a good job, ours was the smoothest of all !

The swags were done pretty well too !

Oh, I'm really terrible in shaping, had a hard time making ribbons & the roses. D made better ribbons than me but was becoming impatient after several attempts in rose making. I think he rather make bunny like this !


Jenny Tan said...

Looks great! :) I love making roses...that's the only flower I know how to make w/ fondant! :P Feel intimidated to make others...though would LOVE to try orchid...I have trouble w/ bows! :P

ganache-ganache said...

Tks ! Then u must be really good in making roses !! I'm so hopeless

Jenny Tan said...

I really learn the most through "Pretty Party Cakes - by Peggy Porschen" If you go to Amazon, and search for that book, I have 2 pix (by biscotti) there. I could print out the page on making roses for u if u want, just drop me an email. ;)

zurin said...

Did u use a rose petal cutter to make the rose petals? it shd be easier if u did. hope u have the wilton set of cutters for fondant flowers. I have and its really useful for all kinds of flowers. btw nice job!!

CoveredInCrafts said...

Its beautiful! I'm so jealous. I'm trying to cover a dummy with fondant and it keeps tearing. The fondant is right... maybe it just has to be super thick? No idea. If you have tips please email me!!!

ganache-ganache said...

Hi Elizabeth, that's my little experience on fondant, you got to work fast as it dries out quickly upon contact with air & oh yes it has to be thick enough too thin it will tear !


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