Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Good Easter Break !

I had a good Easter break, a really good one.

A whole week of eat, sleep & shop. Total indulgence & relaxation, I really allowed myself to get away from all the stresses I've been having. I had my trainers with me but it was hiding in the shoe cabinet for the whole week. Every morning when hubby came back from his run, I was still in bed !

I woke up late every day, from 8am, to 8.30am, to even later at 9.30am & I felt so good. When I'm in KK, most days I'm up at 4.30am for our morning run !

Oh, did I forget to mention, I went home again this Easter holiday. My girls are having their Easter break & airfares are so affordable now, so we just packed up & go.......

As usual each trip I'll be savouring all the yummy cakes that I see, everywhere I go.
This time I tried the famous Hilton Hotel cheesecake, which many people have been raving about. I would say it's creamy but too salty for my liking, I think salted butter has been used. I've always use unsalted butter in my baking as I don't like the tinge of saltiness in my cakes.

Ok, this is a piece of cake that I really liked. It's from my favourite bakery, Canele Patisserie.
It's raspberry cheesecake - the bottom crust was chocolate based, studded with macadamia nuts, creamy cheese filling, raspberry jelly, topped with some piped cream. I liked the piped cream on top, it's infused with rosemary, which I found it so unusual. In fact, when I saw the sprig of rosemary leaf on the cake, I was thinking, could there be rosemary in it ?? But I brushed it off my mind, how can it be ? I was really anticipating the first bite when the cake arrived on our table, hmmm I was right, there's rosemary flavour in the whipped cream !!! It was really yummy, I'm into most kinds of herbs, especially lavender. Hubby thought the cheesecake was horrible, so I had the whole piece to myself................. yum yum


Jenny Tan said...

I was gonna say, that looks like a BIG piece of cheesecake, until I read that YOU HAD IT ALL BY YOURSELF!!! WOW! :) hehehhee. Looks very pretty though.

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

hey, we are different tongue!
I prefer tinge of saltiness in cakes! hahahahhahaha ;p ~~ including sweet pastry ;p


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