Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sports Day

It was my girls' sports day on Friday.

On Thursday night, there was quite a heavy rain & on Friday morning, it was still drizzling.
Initially I wasn't pinning high hopes on the sports day. Somehow the events managed to go on even when still drizzling when certain events were going on.
Guess what ? On such a cool day, I got so tanned & close to sun-burnt after standing under the cool clear sky at 10.30am watching both my girls doing their long-jump & bean bag throw (the equivalent of javelin) !

I love sports day ever since I started Primary education at 7 years old. I had been an athlete, actually more of a sprinter & had even represented my school to take part in a nationwide competition. Those people were so good, it was then that I realised that I'm not the best yet, I couldn't even get into the finals ! Running has indeed given me lots of childhood memories, I think those medals that I've won in schools are still in my mum's cupboard in Singapore (most of them were golds, hahaha).

So I get excited every year during my girls' sports day. CJ has my genes, she's active & good in sports especially running but like me she's terrified of water & can't really swim yet. I only learn to swim at 12 years old & still afraid of the deep pool ! So naturally I'm confident in her. Well, I was disappointed when her teacher didn't put her in the 100m run (that was my best), instead she was in the 200m, I think quite tough for a 8 year old kid. Nevertheless, she did it ! She got the silver & I'm happy. She didn't get nay medal for the long jump & bean bag throw event but got a gold for the relay event.

As for JF, she's still a little girl in my eyes. I've never thought she'll win any medal in sports as she's so petite ! I was so very wrong this year. When she was in the 25m run, I was so surprised when I saw her 'sprinting' from the starting point, right running style, that swing & steps ! I was like OMG where did she learn that from ?? She really shocked me when she came in 2nd & so close to the winner. I must say I was so proud of her. She went on to get another silver for 50m run, a bronze for bean bag throw (must be the bread & butter from breakfast that gave her the energy) & a gold for relay.

I was shouting & screaming whrn my girls were running. It was the excitement I guess & really reminded me of myself when I was on the track years ago............

We were all exhausted after the event finished at noon time. I had a few friends coming over for dinner so after putting the girls to nap, I continued the second part of the celebration in the kitchen.

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Anne said...

Well Done! Charis Joy and Jana Faith! Congratulations on your winnings!


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