Sunday, November 9, 2008

Arief's 1st Birthday

It's Arief's 1st birthday today & mummy Jill ordered a chocolate cake for his birthday celebration this morning. Poor little Arief was sick but the celebration continued with the adults.

Arief's 5 year-old sister, Noreen's birthday was over but she wanted a cake too, specifically a strawberry cake with the cute Strawberry Shortcake on it, so Jill had me baked 2 cakes for them. The order only came in Friday afternoon & my poor 'designer' is sick too, down with flu & throat infection. I was like OMG, what am I going do now ??

I left Arief's chocolate cake simple, just garnished with some alphabet & number gummies. As for Noreen's cake, it's a vanilla sponge filled with whipped dairy cream & fresh strawberry slices, frosted with more whipped dairy cream. As the cake is only 8 " in diameter, the Strawberry Shortcake face can't be drawn too big. The smaller the cake is, the harder it is for me to draw on it. No matter what I've got to do it, I just need some self-confidence !! It was already late last night & the cake is due to be delivered this morning at 10am.

I asked my girls what did the image on the cake look like & both of them said Strawberry Shortcake. I was happy even though I think I didn't do a good job on this. To make the cake sweeter, I've tinted some cream pink to be piped around the edges & 2 strawberries stood on each side of the cake, secured with toothpicks.

I was really relieved when I got a message from Jill this afternoon saying that they loved the cake & I'm glad Noreen was happy with her belated birthday cake !


Jeri said...

I love Strawberry Shortcake ! I thought your drawing was really good :) btw thanks for introducing me to your food blog , as a result I've found dozens of other food blogs !I'm a happy bunny :)

NEe said...

as a semi baker myself, i really always marvel at your cakes and the way you do your super neat and tidy deco.

what sort of cream do you use normally to cream your cakes?

daphne said...

oh yum! I think that must be a great hit with the kids!

ganache-ganache said...

Jeri : Happy Bunny, I'm happy too you thought my yes MY drawing was good, heehee......

Nee : I use Anchor whipping cream, if not it'll be President.

Daphne : Oh Yes !

dailydelicious said...

Wow, your cakes are so cute, I love both of them.


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