Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eating Around Singapore

I love food as much as I love cakes.

So each trip back home, I'll have a list of where to eat & when to go. My sister always comments that she put on weight each time I'm back !

Without fail, I'll have my favourite minced meat noodle with extra fish balls most mornings. I've been having this for years & never get bored of it.

This trip back home, I took my brother's car & was driving around with hubby & sometimes the girls tagged along, so we were able to go to restaurants/cafes that I've always wanted to go.

On our list were :

Jones The Grocer (Dempsey Hill)

Lots of nice groceries, meats, cheeses, wine, how I wish there's such a grocer in KK. Food wise, hubby didn't like the breakfast. It was the usual breakfast with sauteed mushroom ,greasy bacon, sausage, grilled tomato, sourdough bread. He didn't find anything special about the breakfast, just that the button mushrooms were fresh instead of canned, sausage home-made instead of frozen. The location of this grocer is great, just opposite the Botanic Gardens.

SWA Garden Restaurant

This is a Teochew restaurant along MacPherson Road. My Dad has been there before & he raved about the food, so we have to arrange for a day when our family of 17 (grown from 6) could make it for the dinner. This is a very old restaurant but air-conditioned though.
We ordered steamed pomfret, braised goose, roasted suckling pig, roast chicken, sharksfin soup, fired kailan withfried dried sole fish,fried kway teow & yam paste (or nee) for desserts.
To me the steamed pomfret was just ok, the braised goose was dry & tough, I didn't try the suckling pig (can't make myself tuck in to this little one, especially that restaurant always serve it with it's head). The best of all was their fried kway teow with chopped kailan, garlic & chye poh (preserved radish). The kway teow was fried till crispy & really dry, so aromatic (I've put my home-made kway teow aside at that moment) ! The yam paste was really good, so smooth but a little on the sweet side. I would probably visit this restaurant again just for the fried kway teow.

On our list too, the Crystal Jade restaurant, which always has a long queue at the entrance.

Another place that we will visit each time we are in Singapore is the Putien Restaurant at Kitchener Road, along Jalan Besar. I love their starters, the drunken cockles especially, they are almost raw, so fresh & yummy, with a soya sauce/wine/vinegar sauce, top with lots of garlic & chilli. Their braised salted duck, which is served cold, is good too & their century egg, which I think is deep-fried & coated in a sweet sourish sauce, is fantastic ! Their different type of noodles namely mee sua, hing hua beehoon & lor mee are all so good. Each time we go there, we'll stuff ourselves with so much noodles that our tummy could only take in maybe just a vegetable dish. Check out their website for more yummy food !

If you are into nice cosy cafes & restaurants, check out Chip Bee Gardens opposite Holland Village. Check out Bulanun for their range of organic produce, Pantry Magic for their kitchen appliances, utensils, books & magazines, Shermay's Cooking School for their quality Valrhona chocolate, Nielsen-Massey range of pure extracts, baking ingredients. After all that walking & browsing, hop over to Holland Village for a cup of coffee & breads at Provence Bakery & Cafe , a Japanese bakery.

It was at the end of the first week in Singapore that hubby asked me if I have taken pictures of all the yummy food we had. I have totally forgotten about it, so I'll have to leave this post without any pictures. I managed to remember to take pictures of more food & cakes we had in
the second week, coming up in the next post.

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