Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CNY Break

I had a long break, a full 2 week break.

This time I really had a good one, not doing anything at all, yes nothing, not even washing the mug when I'm done with my coffee.
I was eating & drinking all the time throughout my trip back home. I didn't bring my trainers so no exercising just indulging, a friend commented that I've put on some weight !!!

On this trip, I saw my little 3 month old nephew Jovier for the first time, he's a little cutie, always smiling & revealing his dimples all the time. Also, for the first time, I didn't shop from morning till night, till my legs hurt. Well, of course I still shopped, but not in the same crazy manner like I used to ! Hubby & I spent some time visiting kitchen departments of stores, electrical shops, bathroom accessory shops, I must say these were really fruitful trips. After visiting so many stores, I really find prices of appliances & accessories here in KK really steep !

We spent our time driving around, visiting bookstores, cafes, tourist attractions (I feel bad that both my girls have not even been to the Merlion !!)
We brought the girls to the Singapore Flyer as well as the Duck Tours, which they enjoyed very much. I didn't quite enjoy the flight on the flyer because most of the time I was grabbing the seats, especially when we were at the highest point, I'm terrified of heights ! My sister brought the girls for a prawn fishing trip too. As the girls had a rod to share, they ended up fighting most of the time ! Nevertheless, they still went home with 7 fresh water prawns.

CJ & JF in the capsule of the Flyer

View of the Marina Bay

Ready to go on the Duck Tours

JF with Uncle George & her catch of the 1st prawn

My brother-in-law got a Nikon D90 & CJ had a good time playing around with his camera. She took quite a number of pics & I found this 2 rather good :

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welcome home! let's meet up treat this time.


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