Monday, February 16, 2009

Eating Around Singapore Again !

I managed to snap some of the yummy food that we had at the last few days of your trip. Each time when we are in Singapore, we are sure to
visit East Ocean Teochew Restaurant for their dim sum. I love their 'po lor yao', which is only available on weekends. The bun is small with a thick slab of butter (real butter !) This trip we went on a weekday, as it was during the CNY period, the restaurant was so full we only managed to get a table at 2pm !

Fried rice with egg white & conpoy (dried scallop). This was really yummy, each rice grain seperated, so full of 'wok hei', couldn't remember how many bowls I had !

The 'siu mai' was nice too, filling of pork & prawn so succulent & the topping on it was ebiko, not coloured sago like some cheap joints use !

Smoked duck breast. The skin was crispy & dry yet the meat was so tender, I loved this ! I seem to have a fetish for duck breast recently.

These were actually prawn paste, shaped & decorated to look like a buzzing bee & deep fried. The girls orderded this for themselves. I had a bite, it was good, the paste was juicy & crunchy, very well done.

We also ordered broccoli with foie gras sauce, it was marked as one of their speciality. When the food arrived, it was with chunks of foir gras instead of sauce, so we thought it was a bonus. However, Hubby commented that the foie gras was a little overcooked.

Ember Restaurant is a must visit restaurant as well. It is located within Hotel 1929 at Keong Saik, along Chinatown. Hubby loves their pan seared foie gras with caramalised apples, clove port & raspberry glaze. This is an item he's sure to order each time we are there. Their beef tenderloin done medium rare is also very good.

Seared scallops with parma ham, served with mesclun tossed in a orange vinaigrette dressing.
Our all time favourite !

Seafood Linguine . Their version is very well done, the seafood fresh & succulent. My girls love this, so I always order a portion for them to share. I had the linguine too this time. I always order their duck confit & beef tenderloin but was craving for some pasta on that day we visited Ember. Hubby had his usual beef tenderlion, the picture was very badly taken by me, so blurred it didn't make it to this post !

Among their desserts, the warm banana tart with lavender ice-cream is good, so does the fig cake served with mascarpone cream. I think their apple tarte tartin is the best, the pastry so crispy & the apples very well caramelised, super yummy ! Once again, I was so fast to wallop the tartin that Hubby had no chance to take a picture of it.

Strawberry shortcake at Canele Pattiserie. I'll have my cakes everywhere I go, couldn't stand the temptation. I used to frequent Bakerzin but have stopped after finding their cakes too commercialised now, not as fresh as they used to be but the quality of the ingredients used are still good. I find cakes at Canele better then Bakerzin, the sponge soft & moist, quality dairy cream is used too.

Pastries at Caffe Cova. I've read about this famous chain & since it's so talked about, we paid this cafe a visit. Well, the ambience of the cafe was good, nice uniforms the staff wore, pretty cutleries & loads of magazines around, perfect place for an afternoon tea ! However, I don't find the pastries fantastic for the prices thet charged. Their cakes were mostly at S$9+/slice & tiny little tartlettes at S$2+/pc. The presentation was good, expensive looking berries as topping. But that was it, the cakes that we tried were rather dry, the only thing we liked were probably the cream patissiere. Check out some of the reviews of this cafe.

Sweet & juicty korean strawberries ! We love strawberries & those that we get in KK are dry & sourish. Korean strawberries are everywhere in Singapore now. We were feasting on these throughout the trip. And I bought a cooler bag, happily hand carried 10 packets of these back to KK. If I can get hold of a bigger cooler bag, I would have bring more back........


SIG said...

Wow, you were back? Those strawberries are heavenly, aren't they? ;) It wasn't so cheap when it first landed on our shores.

ganache-ganache said...

Oh ya, so cheap got them at ShopnSave at $2.65/pkt the day b4 I came back to KK !!!

terri@adailyobsession said...

ooooh, i am very excited!! sing here i come!

Anonymous said...

Hey that's a very interesting viewpoint of Singapore. Which hotel did you stay at when you were there. Maybe we should meetup sometime when we're both together in singapore. Alternatively you can visit Yellow Pages Singapore to check up on the latest happenings in Singapore. Small country but I simply love it.

ganache-ganache said...

Hi aash,

I'm from Singapore so I stayed at my parent's place, that's why I could go as long as I like, not having to worry about accommodation cost ! R u in Singapore ?

NEE said...

great that you have so many eateries on your list. must try next time we go singapore. will keep this list in mind.


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