Friday, June 20, 2008

Blueberry Muffins

Home-made blueberry muffins, made with fresh blueberries, my girls loved them !
This is the recipe :

100g Butter
60g Sugar
2 Eggs
60g Honey
60g Cream
3g Baking powder
2g Bicarbonate of soda
130g Flour
90g High protein flour
1g Salt
125g Blueberries

1. Sift baking powder & bicarbonate with both flours, add salt to the flour mixture. Cream butter & sugar till pale, add eggs, one at a time, followed by honey & cream, fold in flour mixture & lastly the blueberries.
2. Bake @ preheated 180 deg oven for 25 mins.

I use longan honey from Taiwan, the aroma is fantastic ! This recipe yields 10 muffins, I made 12 muffins with 1 1/4 recipe,

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