Friday, May 1, 2009

Lychee Cheesecake

I've got a few enquires asking me if I make any lychee flavoured cake. I think it's a good idea as fruit flavoured cakes are always popular. So lychee has always been on my mind when it comes to new flavour. I've been busy with baking so weeks after weeks I've put this aside.

Well, it's been quite a while since my last new cake, lemon curd, was introduced. In fact my free time to try out this lychee cheesecake was this week when the power supply got interrupted many times. Since I couldn't do anything but just wait for the power to return, I could really sit down to think about this cake.

Back to the cake, I want to keep it light & refreshing. So the bottom part will not be the the same rich biscuit & butter crumbs, instead it'll be a layer of almond (pure extract) sponge, the filling will be blended lychee fruit with cream cheese, whereas the topping will be a layer of lychee jelly with lychee fruit.


Jenny Tan said...

Is this not a baked cheesecake then??
BTW,I really think you should join the Daring Bakers lah!! It'd be fun! Just got the May challenge's really exciting! :) But will have to zip my mouth until 27th. =P Hope u'll consider taking part too! ;)

cherry potato said...

I like lychee very much! This is the chilled cheesecake ,it's? If you use lychee to make mousse cake, the taste also not bad oh!

ganache-ganache said...

Jenny : Yes, this is not a baked cheesecake. Re the challenge, I've read about it for quite some time but how do you go about in getting involved ? Is a 'must' thing every month ? U knw sometimes I get so busy with baking I don't even have time for cooking !

Chin : Yes this is chilled !


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