Monday, January 12, 2009

Flat Rice Noodles

This is our dinner tonight. Yes, I know it's just a portion of some braised meat over what looked like flat rice noodles or commonly known as kway teow. You're right, this is braised beef shin served over kway teow. This is home-made, I mean the kway teow, I made them from scratch !

Alright, people may be thinking that there's no big deal, it's just kway teow & it's easily available in wet markets & supermarkets too ! But I don't think so, we are a health conscious family, I bake my own bread, prepare 3 meals Monday to Friday, bake my own cakes, my own desserts. I cook with olive oil, very little salt & we don't take fatty meat, stick to chicken breast & I hardly cook pork, if I do it'll only be shin & ribs. I've switched to organic vegetables & have heard of horrible additives in our food nowsadays !

We eat a lot of noodles, usually store bought. I've never fancy the oily yellow noodles but CJ seems to like it, so if I have to cook it, I'll look for it at a shop in Foh Sang which sells the noodles with less lye in it & that will only be a once in a blue moon meal. I love kway teow & the thinner the better. So each time if I want to order kway teow, I'll ask the stall owner if the kway teow he/she uses is the thin type, if not I'd rather have vermicelli (mifen).

Frankly, making my own kway teow never cross my mind. I've heard of boric acid but that didn't really bother me. What I can say is the strange smell we get in store bought kway teow & I always blanch them before I cook.

It was only when I came across Zurin's that I realised that kway teow can be made at home. That motivated me but I was really busy during the festive season last month so I put the idea aside. Then last week, I saw on Terri's blog about making kway teow again. Wow these 2 super ladies really make me want to try making my own.

So, this morning after sending the girls to school, I came home & started my venture of kway teow making. I followed the recipe given by Zurin but changed the wheat starch portion to 2 tablespoon as per Terri's as I like the bite in kway teow. Well, the results as follows :

I've used a square shallow baking pan for steaming. The cooked thin layer of batter.

Rolled rice noodles, ready to be cut

Voila ! The end results

After the guinea pigs (hubby, CJ & JF) tried my kway teow, I asked them for opinion. Both the girls said it was nice, I'm not sure if they can tell the difference between home-made & store bought. The moment I told them I made it, CJ said " Wow Mummy u know how to make kway teow ? Cool " Then the fussy one, hubby said it was ok but tasted floury. I'm not sure if it was too thick or he's just too used to the commercial type. I'm making it again & will try to go thinner even though I've already poured a very thin layer of batter into the pan.
I followed the recipe & it yields 500g of kway teow & guess what ? I didn't get to taste it ! It wasn't enough for the 4 of us, so I have to go though my pantry, used dried vermicelli for my portion. The next time I'll make 1.5 portion & that will be very soon............

Thank you Zurin & Terri for the great recipe & tips !!!


terri@adailyobsession said...

all thanks to zurin! u made even better noodles. they look store bought, each equally cut. high 5 lorrine!

zurin said...

Ohh so nice to hear that u made it!! well i must try to increase the wheat starch then....must taste better with the xtra bite. I really must change the fotos on my post....mine looking yellower and yellower compared to urs and terri's ...LOLOL...been making but soo lazy to take a picture! high 5 to u too Lorraine!

Jean said...

Wow...your homemade kueh teow looks to share your secret recipe as my family loves kueh teow..thanks

Jean said...

I love to cook as much as you do, if you are short of ideas..feel free to visit my blog at

ganache-ganache said...

Hi Jean, thanks for dropping by. Oh the recipe is under Zurin & Terri's blogs, u can see the link that's highlighted in this post.
The kway teow is so yummy but of course not as smooth as commercial ones !

Jean said...

thanks...i got it. Hmmm, needs lots of patience..well for the sake of healthy living..cheers

Anonymous said...

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