Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cookies Cookies !

CJ's cookies

JF's cookies

This post is supposed to be published last night after I finished baking. By the time I sat on the computer, it was 10pm. After uploading the image, I was already dozing off........

I've started my Christmas baking on Monday, mostly fruitcake & cookies. I love the aroma that lingered in the kitchen when the fruitcake was baking, once a year. Frankly, I do not fancy fruit cake but am falling in love with the aroma !!

Oh, talking about cookies, I baked over a 100 pcs & we (hubby, myself, CJ & JF) spent lunchtime on Mon & Tue decorating & packing them. I do not want the hardened icing to fall off so I've packed each cookie individually, that took me more than an hour, on my own, because hubby had to get back to the office & the girls were only interested in the decorating part !

I couldn't find any mini M&Ms in any supermarkets so I've got to make do with cachous. CJ's little fingers came in handy when sticking them to the cookies, mine were too clumsy.

From the start, the girls had been asking if they could have their own cookies for decoration so I put aside 2 cookies for each of them, JF was so excited when it was her turn. She must have used too much icing on the cookies because when she was eating them I saw her scraping the icing off !


Aimei said...

Hi Ganache-ganache,

The cookies are beautifully decorated, and I like all the cakes you made... very professionally made!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hello GG,

I haven't been posting for so long and I miss reading your posts! Can you imagine I don't even have the time to read blogs!

I love your cookies, simple yet nice! Mine are overly crowded with "accessories"! I'll love to pipe the icing like yours but I don't think I can do such nice job!


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