Monday, December 8, 2008

Boobs Cake

It was Denise's birthday last Friday & she got the boobies cake that she's always wanted !

This was a small cake, almost the right size for boobs (!!!) I guessed the only stuff missing was the tits, hahaha... She had me left them out, too naughty maybe because the cake was being cut in the office !
It was vanilla sponge frosted with butter cream.

I sent my sister the picture of this cake, she asked me if they were longevity buns (寿桃)?? Hubby & I had a good laugh about it. What do you think, ChicKyEgG ?

Someone else celebrated his birthday on the same day too. This is a mango cake that K ordreed for her partner. She has requested for picture of a muscle man to be drawn on the cake. Designer came up with this cute picture, there was a tattoo on the arm but I've forgotten to place it on the cake when I was taking picture of it.


Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

is boobie lah.. where got look like Shou Pau! hahahhaha luckily non of my collq said is not boobie! ;p

zurin said...

I love the boobie cake ganache! I saw it on Denises blog too..haha


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