Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ball Themed Cakes

Chocolate Banana Cake

Chocolate Cake

Enough of meats & seafood at the moment, let's get on to some cakes.......

The chocolate banana cake was for a celebration dinner. Janice wanted to congratulate a friend for hole-in-one.

As for the football themed chocolate cake, it was for 13 year old Elie's party at a futsal court.

The grass for both cakes are piped with tinted buttercream.


Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Speak of 'hole-in-one' competition lately! hahahahhaha, I question my FIL did you win any? He said Im not even close to it! Lolz!

cherry-potato said...

I like your cakes decoration! I'm very interesting in baking. Do you have any baking class?

ganache-ganache said...

cherry-potato : Thank you ! I start from being interested in baking too, oh I've not thought of baking class, maybe in the future if I have the opportunity. R u in KK ?


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