Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pudding - Mango Mango

I couldn't get enough of mangoes. Each time the season is here, you can find loads of mangoes in my kitchen. I waited for some mangoes to become very ripe to whip up this pudding.

This recipe is adapted from Japanese pastry chef, Susumu Koyama's
The Sweet Trick. I've tried some of the recipes in this book & they turned out really good. The book is published in Mandarin so I have the recipe translated :

Serves 10

Mangoes 430g (peeled weight), roughly diced
Lemon juice 5g
Sour cream 10g
Sugar 85g
Gelatin leave 6g (abt 3pcs) * or 3 tsp gelatin powder
Water 240g
Milk 70g
Cream 35g

Mix mango cubes with the lemon juice & mash with a wooden spoon (I've used a whisk). Add sour cream & combine well, set aside.

Soak gelatin leaves in 150g of water till soft, drain. In a saucepan, heat sugar, water & milk till boiling, remove from heat, add the gelatin leaves & stir till dissolved. Place the saucepan of the milk mixture over a large bowl of iced water, continue stirring until the mixture is cool. Pour mixture over the mashed mangoes, followed by the cream, combine well.

Pour into individual serving glass. Chill until firm before serving.

Sauce for the pudding :

Milk 100g
Milk powder 25g
Sugar 8g

Place all ingredients in a saucepan & cook till boiling. When cool, chill it. Drizzle sauce over pudding when serving.

* I've tried using gelatin leaves for this pudding but I find the texture too soft. So this time I made the pudding with gelatin powder & it turned out great. Just add the gelatin powder to the saucepan with the sugar, water & milk before cooking. I didn't make the sauce this time as I find it too milky. We enjoyed the pudding as it is, all the goodness of mangoes in every spoonful.

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