Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cupcakes For JF 2009

A batch of cupcakes baked for JF, for her to bring to school tomorrow morning. Since her birthday is always during the summer holidays, she only gets to bring cake in when school reopens.

She got very excited about when I told her I'll be baking some cupcakes for her to bring to school on Friday. And she even asked me if she could decorate them. I'm not going to let her do it because I already have a plan in my mind !

I want to make my first batch of fondant cupcakes & I make sure I do it.

I was up at 4.30am this morning to bake the cupcakes. JF wanted vanilla this time. So by the time I send them to school, the cupcakes were already cooling on the rack. Back from my morning run at 9am, it was time to start the action.

A few months back, JF's favourite colour was still green, now it's blue. So I decided on blue theme for the cupcakes. I've made the sugar paste a few days ago so I just had to finish up with the decoration today. The cupcakes were meant to be a surprise for her so I had to get it done before the girls come home from school today.

I think JF already has a preview of the cupcakes because I set them as wallpaper of my mobile after I took a picture of these cuties !

She's going to be so happy tomorrow.

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