Monday, June 21, 2010

Treyvon's 1st Birthday

2 tier chocolate cake covered with fondant, theme was blue & white. The 3D 'giraffe' was made accordingly to what Treyvon's mummy showed me, his favourite toy !

Cupcakes for the same party. For birthday, house warming as well as Father's Day


Abby said...

I like this one......... so much~!
what flavor was the cake?

ganache-ganache said...

It's the same chocolate cake like Tristan's.

Astrid Grover said...

Hi! Loved the cake u made for Trey..taste & sight... Wonderful! :)

Uploaded some pics of the cake..credits to you! Check out!/photo.php?pid=4575119&id=655633162

ganache-ganache said...

Thank you, Astrid :)

Saw the pics on the FB's link, beautiful work !!

Usagi81 said...

hi Lorraine.. how much is this 2-tiers cake? so cute and adorable? is it possible if the doll be change to pocoyo's character?


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