Monday, June 7, 2010

President Cake

Every year, when end of May is approaching, I'll be cracking my head what cake to bake for hubby's birthday. To me, it has to be special, as in it'll not be one of the cake on my list. So that's a 'headache' & challenge !

Berries has been on my mind lately, especially raspberry. So the cake this year has to include raspberry. Last year, he had the L'Opera.

I've been drooling at Pook's wonderful cake recipes that she posted on her blog. She has one President Cake, which is a cream cheese mousse cake with raspberry layer. It looked so beautiful & yummy that I've always wanted to try making it.

It was a real winner, hubby & the girls liked it. A very healthy cake, with lesser sugar & fat.
The full recipe & instructions can be found at Pook's Daily Delicious.


Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

wei!!! hen xiang hen hao chi wor!!!

ganache-ganache said...

zhen de hen hao chi wor !!


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