Monday, April 12, 2010

Pandan Kaya Bread

This is one lovely loaf of bread that I baked for breakfast last week.
The aroma of the bread filled the kitchen while it was baking in the oven.

Original recipe was adapted from Alex Goh's The World Of Bread. I did some changes to the recipe though.

Recipe :
Those highlighted in red are what I've made changes to.

300g Bread flour
2 Tsp Instant yeast
45g Sugar (50g Gula Melaka)
1/2 Tsp salt (Omitted)
1/2 Tbsp Milk powder

30g Egg
60ml Coconut milk (60ml Whipping cream)
1/2 Tbsp Pandan juice
Few drops green colouring (1/2 Tbsp + 105ml Pandan juice, colour omitted)
105ml Water

20g Shortening (20g Butter)

130g Raisins (Omitted)

Topping :

30g Butter
30g Sugar (30g Gula Melaka)
60g Plain flour

Mix (A) till well blended. Add (B), mix to form a dough. Add (C), mix well till well blended. Let it ferment for 50-60 mins.

Mix butter & sugar of the topping ingredients till well combined, then add the plain flour & mix to form a crumb. Keep refrigerated.

Divide dough into 15g pieces & mould into balls. Place half the dough balls in a greased loaf tin (L20cm X W10cm X H8.5cm), then put with the remaining dough balls on top of them.

Leave to rise for 45mins, brush with egg wash & sprinkle with topping.

Bake at preheated oven of 175C for 25-30 mins.

* The loaf turned out to be darker as I've used Gula Melaka in place of the sugar. I've replaced the coconut milk with cream as I didn't have any. I thought raisins don't go with pandan so I omitted them. The loaf was not sweet but the aroma was fantastic, we loved the topping part, very crusty while still warm !


Jenny Tan said...

That looks yummy!!! Last time I went back I got his book...didn't get the one you mentioned though. Next time. Love his recipes! Will have to try this some day. :)

ganache-ganache said...

Can u find pandan leaves there ?

ssblurqueen said...

Absolutely lovely! I tried this last night and just the smell of the bread baking in the oven kept some of my family members awake - just waiting for the moment to pounce on the bread once it's out from the oven. Very soft texture and everyone loves it.

ganache-ganache said...

Wow, that's great ! Good to hear that you enjoyed the bread as much as I do. I tried it again yesterday, this time into buns. And I used coconut milk, not so healthy but the aroma was really fantastic :)


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