Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Double Boiled Loquats With Osmanthus

I have been rather down since last weekend. It's kind of unusual for my bubbly character, which make me talking (& nagging) all the time ! I thought a lot about things happening around me recently - being betrayed by a so called close friend few months back. I still can't get over it & hubby thinks I'm silly to be upset over it ! I also thought about nasty words/things being said/done to me over the past year (you know how I feel, Terri !)

Oh, I'm drifting away from my post today, I'm supposed to be talking about loquats.......

This bunch of loquats (批杷) was from a friend, all the way from Taiwan. These fruits survived well. My friend gave them to me more than a week ago & I wasn't in the mood to think what to do with them. As these loquats were harvested while still immature, they were not very sweet, in fact, they were rather bland.

After a search with Google, I found many ways with loquats. They can be made into jam, jelly, chutney, or even pies or tarts. I don't have enough loquats for these delicacies, so I decided on a sweet soup - double boiling.

250g peeled & halved loquats, 6 cups of boiling water, 1 teaspoon dried osmanthus flowers (桂花) & rock sugar to taste are all it takes for this sweet soup. I placed all the ingredients in a ceramic pot, in a larger pot, steamed for 3 hours. I think this sweet soup is best served chilled.


terri@adailyobsession said...

hey, time for our coffee. my treat this time, tell me when n where.cheer up dear!

Jenny Tan said...

Sorry to hear about the horrible event you have to go through w/ the so-called close friends. I hope by now (I haven't been around for a while :P), you have over come takes time, and it is natural to think about all the nasty stuff...we are human after all.

On the other, I haven't seen Pei Par fruit before...have only had the pei par kou =P Interesting! Isn't it amazing what you can find on the web these days?? :)

ganache-ganache said...

Terri : Thanks dear, I've nt forgotten your treat, heehee, have been busy lately, will let you knw.

Jenny : Oh yes we are human after all, will try not to think about it ! This is the first time I've seen loquats too, you're right always in a bottle, the thick gooey syrup !Now everything cam be googled if not, wiki wiki to find out what is what !!

Anonymous said...


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