Monday, November 9, 2009

Maple Bread

I've always like pure maple syrup, for it's pure flavour & aroma. The syrup we get in KK is usually artificially flavoured & too sweet. Even if there's pure maple syrup, it'll be over-priced.

My brother-in-law was holidaying in Canada two months ago, so finally I got hold of my supply of maple syrup.

I've got this recipe of maple bread from a Taiwanese website quite some time ago. I've tried it before with my limited supply of maple syrup in the past. Now that I've got more, I baked it again last week.

It's sugar free, so flavourful ........

Ingredients :

325g High protein flour
12g Milk powder (I've used Fernleaf)
149g Milk
32g Egg
71g Maple syrup
39g Unsalted butter
3g Instant yeast
5g Salt

In a mixer bowl fitted with a dough hook & on low speed, blend all ingredients, except butter, till well combined. Add butter, turn speed to medium, continue mixing till the dough is smooth & elastic. Round up dough, let rise in a warm place for an hour or until it doubles in size.

After it has risen, punch the dough down. Roll it into rectangle with a rollling pin, roll up tightly & place it into a greased loaf pan. Let rise again for about 45 mins.

Bake in a preheated oven of 190C for 35-40 mins or until top is brown & cooked.


tracieMoo said...

wah.. yummy looking bread.. and the recipe is really precise.. hehe.. thanks for the recipe. I would love to try this :)

jjcht said...

wow, the crust is so thin. Surely taste good too. So far i had tried bake bread using breadmaker. But the crust always thick & hard. Sien :( I put aside the breadmaker already. Go buy bread from shop.

ganache-ganache said...

Tracie : Yes, try it, really yummy !

HT : Don't give up, buy a mixer. You'll love bread making, home-made one is always much much better then store bought, no preservative & additives, just that it doesn't last as long. Anyway, our breads are always gone in a day :)


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