Friday, June 19, 2009

KA Food Processor

I was looking for a real big food processor lately but as usual couldn't find any here in KK.

Then, an advertisement in an Australia magazine caught my eye few weeks ago. The look of a Magimix food processor attracted me. I called both KL & Singapore to find out the details, was told that I could get it ordered in KK through Pelangi, but no way I'm going to buy my machine from that shop ! After some research on the net, I discovered that Magimix's body is made of plastic, not metal, so I gave up the idea of getting one even though the look is so cool.

Hubby suggested that I check out Kitchenaid website to see of they have any. Oh, how could I have forgotten about it ? Under the artisan range, they also have food processor. But only red & brushed metal is available in Singapore. Red would be the perfect accompaniment for my mixer. However the brushed metal version is so attractive I couldn't take my eyes off it (even though it's a S$100 more than the red one).

I was so lucky, because I got my sister to buy me the machine ! She went to buy it for me, my brother sent it to the hotel where hubby's friend was staying (he was in Singapore for a few days). Then hubby's friend was so kind to lug it back to KK for me. I was having sleepless nights before my machine came home to me because it weighs a whopping 14+kg !! I was worrying about dents, about excess baggage.........

So finally, on Wednesday night, I got it, in perfect condition. I would say, the box is really huge for a food processor, a 2.8L one. I mean the machine is big too & so gorgeous !

A big thank you to everyone who made the effort to help me acquire my perfect food processor !


Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

ah so did you bake a 14kg cake to sort of like 'compensate' hubby's fren " lols! so thesssee few nitess did you cover ur mouth when u sleep ah? since too happy! ;p

The Cooking Ninja said...

I love my magimix. My MIL has one for years and she bought one for me when we moved into our new house.

ganache-ganache said...

Cooking Ninja : I fell in love with magimix long time ago but find the prices too high in Sin & M'sia so I settled on the KA which is not much cheaper but of metal body, still in the package now, waiting for my new kitchen !


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