Friday, October 17, 2008

Mee Siam

Mee Siam is a common noodle dish found everywhere in Singapore. This is not my favourite but hubby's ( I'm a huge fan of fishball noodle).
So to satisfy hubby's cravings of local Singapore hawker food, I buy packets of Prima Taste ready-to-cook paste to keep.

Mee Siam is cooked with mee hoon, I don't know why it is called mee ??
I've used the Dong Guan rice stick (东莞米粉) from China, the tecture of the mee hoon is so chewy, this is one thing I stuffed my luggage with each time I go back to Singapore as you can't find this mee hoon there !

The paste worked well for me, very easy & convenient. Well, I know it's a instant noodle kind of thing but hubby & I only eat this like twice a year, so it's fine ! I'm a meat & seafood kind of person & this dish do not contains any meat/seafood, that's the reason why I don't fancy it. I added prawns to the dish & instead of chives, I've used spring onions. As for the egg, I don't like my egg really hard-boiled, it's so dry. When a dish calls for hard-boiled egg, I'll usually cook mine for 7 mins & plunge it into cold water to stop it from cooking & I'll get the perfect almost hard-boiled egg when the yolk is till soft ! I've used size AAA egg.

In case anyone is interested in whipping up this noodle dish from scratch, I found a recipe from Lily's blog. Her Mee Siam looks delicious !

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